Epic Spectrum respite providers are professionals dedicated to enriching the lives of people living with disabilities.  Our respite services focus on the common interest of group members and can encompass almost anything!  Client requests become respite opportunties, creating preferred activities and groups.  Common interests support social interaction and relationship development, which can form life-long friendships.

We accept Community Respite hours for clients who qualify through DAA, as well as private pay.  


Epic Spectrum was founded because of the need for quality respite care for families living with disabilities.  It truly takes a village to raise a child, and those with special needs require an even bigger village!  Epic Spectrum's mission is to improve the lives of people living with disabilities by providing quality respite opportunities that foster community involvement and social relationships.  

Robyn Newberry is the founder of Epic Spectrum.  She has been dedicated to improving the lives of families living with autism for decades and is the founder of Endless Potential, an agency providing ABA services.